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Corporate Events 2023/24

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General Meeting of the warrant holders /30 Aug 2023/


General Meeting of the warrant holders

Capital Increase - Registered Shareholdings

Capital Increase


Certificate of registration from the Central Depository for registered shares of the capital increase


Notification art. 112

Notification pursuant to Article 112e of the Public Offering of Securities Act and within the statutory period, I hereby notify you that as a result of the exercise of rights under the issue of warrants with ISIN BG9200001220, 1 100 000 new ordinary, dematerialised shares with voting rights and a nominal value of BGN 1 each have been subscribed and fully paid. In view of this, on 30.05.2023, with reg. no. 20230530153231, a change in the amount of the company's capital from BGN 1 181 160 to BGN 2 281 160, distributed in 2 281 160 ordinary, dematerialised shares, with voting rights and with a nominal value of BGN 1 each, was registered in the Trade Registry.


General Meeting of the warrant holders


Notification for change in shareholding

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